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Tutorial Day

Following the tradition of XTOP conferences, a Tutorial day will precede the main meeting (on September 15th). It will be organized together with the International School/Conference of young scientists called “Modern Methods of Analysis of Diffraction Data and Topical Problems of X-ray Optics”.

Youth International School-Conference "Modern Methods of Diffraction Data Analysis and Topical Problems of X-ray Optics" (September 15-16, 2012, St. Petersburg, Russia)

At present, X-ray diffraction methods serve as the most widely used, powerful, and, above all, nondestructive tool for analysis of structural properties of materials. The development of technology and the appearance of new materials and structures require that both technologists and scientists should have a detailed and exhaustive knowledge about the structural state of these objects and stimulate further intensive development of X-ray research methods. This refers both to the theory of diffraction and to methodological aspects of experimental measurements and diffraction data analyses. These techniques should become more adapted to new objects, more sensitive, and more precise.

The appearance of nanomaterials imposes new requirements upon the development of X-ray diffraction research. The X-ray scattering and diffraction from nanoobjects have the following specific features: low intensity of the useful signal; broad angular range of the intensity distribution in the reciprocal space, reflecting the geometric shape of nanoobjects; and anisotropy of possible deformations. Therefore, the overwhelming majority of structural studies of nanomaterials are performed with synchrotron radiation sources. The most modern synchrotron methods can yield 3D images of separate crystalline nanoparticles and biological molecules. The potential of laboratory X-ray sources in this regard is also far from being exhausted.

The goal of the Youth International School-Conference is to provide basic knowledge for understanding of reports to be delivered, give the notion of the modern state of affairs in the X-ray diffraction science, and inform the audience about recent achievements and newest research techniques. Lectures will be delivered by acknowledged scientists from major international research centers, leaders of modern X-ray diffraction research. These lectures will be especially useful for young Russian participants who have not attended, for known reasons, XTOP conferences abroad. The school-conference will be held on September 15-16, 2012, during the International conference "High-Resolution X-Ray Diffraction and Imaging (XTOP 2012)".

School principals: Professor S.G. Konnikov, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Professor R.N. Kyutt.

The school-conference program includes 6 invited talks, poster session for young scientists, and oral presentation of their reports (1-2 minutes in English) on structural studies of nanomaterials by X-ray diffraction methods. Single-page abstracts of reports in English (only from young scientists up to 28 years old inclusive) to be delivered at the school-conference should be submitted to the conference site with a label "For School". The abstract submission deadline is April 15, 2012. The abstracts of these reports will be published in the XTOP conference book of abstracts. Therefore, duplication of abstracts already submitted to the XTOP Conference is unacceptable. The best report will be honored with a certificate of merit and a valuable gift.

The official languages of the Shool-conference are  English and Russian.

Tutorial lectures

Dr Ray Barrett (ESRF, France), the subject: the X-ray optics and instrumentation

Dr Jose Baruchel (ESRF, France), the subject: Coherent imaging

Professor Savo Bratos (University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France), the subject: the time-resolved x-ray diffraction of liquids

Dr Jürgen Härtwig (ESRF, France) “X-ray diffraction topography - an evolving tool”

Professor Vaclav Holy (Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic) “High-resolution x-ray diffractometry”

Professor Sunil K Sinha (University of California, San Diego, USA), the subject: X-ray reflectometry, SAXS/GISAXS

Professor Brian Tanner (Durham University, UK), the subject: the X-ray scattering and diffraction from nanoobjects and heterostructures, surface and interfaces

The registration Fee

The registration fee for a Tutorial day is 100€ and includes attendance to lectures, tutorial materials, visa support, coffee breaks, lunch.

Organizers and Committees

Chairmen: Prof. S.G. Konnikov and Prof.  R.N. Kyutt, Ioffe Institute (RUS)

School-conference is organized by Ioffe Institute and St Petersburg Academic University.

International Advisory Committee

Prof. Jadwiga Bak-Misiuk, Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences (POL)
Dr. Jose Baruchel, European Syncrotron Radiation Facility (FRA)
Dr. Paul Fewster, PANalytical Research Centre Brighton (GBR)
Prof. Vaclav Holy, Charles University Prague (CZE)
Prof. Michail Kovalchuk, Kurchatov Institute, Shubnikov Institute of Crystallography (RUS)
Prof. Reginald Kyutt, Ioffe Institute (RUS)
Prof. Stefano Lagomarsino, University "Lasapienza" Rome (ITA)
Prof. Franz Pfeiffer, Technical University Munich (GER)
Prof. Ullrich Pietsch, University of Siegen (GER)
Prof. Julian Stangl, University of Linz (AUT)
Prof. Brian Tanner, University of Durham (GBR)
Prof. Pam Thomas, University of Warwick (GBR)
Prof. Emil Zolotoyabko, Technion Haifa (ISR)

Program Committee

Dr Marina Baidakova, Ioffe Institute (RUS)
Dr Vitalii Boitsov, St Petersburg Academic University (RUS)
Prof Vladimir Bushuev, Lomonosov Moscow State University (RUS)
Dr Leonid Goray, St Petersburg Academic University (RUS)
Dr Valentin Ratnikov, Ioffe Institute (RUS)
Dr Valery Tkal, Novgorod branch of St.Petersburg State University of Service and Economy (RUS)
Dr Sergey Viazemckiy, St Petersburg Academic University (RUS)

Local Organizing Committee

Ksenia Gulyaeva, Ioffe Institute (RUS)

Yana Kuznetsova, Ioffe Institute (RUS), Secretary

Alexey Shakhmin, Ioffe Institute (RUS)

Denis Shustov, Ioffe Institute (RUS)

Alexander Trofimov, Ioffe Institute (RUS)

Dr. Maria Zamoryanskaya, Ioffe Institute (RUS)


Bourevestnik, Inc.


Dynasty Foundation


Russian Foundation for Basic Research

in association with

Agency for Science and Technology "Intellect"
International Advisory Committee