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Travel Info

Organizing Committee Phone

Direct phone of the Organizing Committee is available during the conference.

Tel: +7 931 298-02-50.

Passport and Visa Information

Don't forget your passport (with visa).

In case you have not received your Payment confirmation from the Organizing committee please take copy of the bank order with you.

Russian law requires that you register your visa within 3 working days of your arrival in Russia. This registration is made in the hotel. The fee for registration is about 150 rubles.


The Russian currency is rubles (RUB) (Currency rate.). You can change money in exchange office in airport, in the hotel or in any bank. Credit cards are freely accepted in shops, restaurants, cafes etc. However for payment in Metro, bus, trolleybus, taxi you will need rubles. Please change some money at the airport after arrival.

You can also take cash in ATMs (in the Pulkovo airport, in the hotel) but it takes 5-7% for transaction.

Payment for the accommodation should be made in cash in rubles or by credit cards in the hotel directly.



Entrance fee for the metro is about 0.7€ (27 RUB). The price does not depend on distance and number of changes.

Hours of metro operation is about 5:30-24:00.

St. Petersburg metro map

Public transport

In municipal buses (numbers without letters T or K), trams, and trolley-buses you should pay a ticket-collector. Municipal routes fee is about 0.6€ (23 RUB).

In commercial buses (marked by letters T or K) you should pay the driver when you enter. The price depends on the line (~30-35 rubles that is 0.8€-0.9€), and it is always clearly marked on a label.

Hours of public transport operation is about 7:00-23:00.


English-speaking taxi service telephone:+7 (812) 3-200-200. The approximate cost is about 25-30 Euro.

Another taxi services: +7 (812) 324 77 77; +7 (812) 700 00 00; +7 (812) 600 00 00.

It takes in rush hours about 60 minutes from the airport to the center of St. Petersburg.

Участникам из РФ (For Russian participants)

Пожалуйста, не забудьте оригиналы документов, если Вам необходимо поставить печати в оргкомитете. Не забудьте уточнить в Вашей бухгалтерии, какую отчетную документацию необходимо Вам представить после окончания командировки.

Командировочные удостоверения оформляются на Федеральное государственное бюджетное учреждение науки Физико-технический институт им. А.Ф. Иоффе Российской академии наук (194021, Санкт-Петербург, ул. Политехническая 26).

Проживающим в гостинице-общежитии Академического университета: заселение в гостиницу происходит круглосуточно. В случае позднего заезда (закрыты ворота) воспользуйтесь звонком у ворот (красная кнопка) – Вам откроют. Оплата производится в гостинице наличными. Для граждан из стран ближнего зарубежья – стоимость регистрации в УФМС составляет 150 рублей (необходима копия паспорта и миграционная карта).