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Presentation instructions

Oral talks

The time scheduled for tutorial lectures is 60 minutes (including 15 minutes for discussions), for invited talk 30 minutes (including 5 minutes for discussions), for oral presentations 15 minutes (including 3 minutes for discussions).
A short oral presentation for young scientists participating in Youth International School-Conference is limited to 1 minute and 2 slides.

Computer, projector and laser pointer will be available. Please bring your presentation in a pen drive or CD to load it before your session. Format of the presentation is PDF, PPT or PPTX.

The basic operating system at the conference will be Windows. Mac and Linux users can prepare their talks in PDF format or ODF Presentation (.ODP).

Poster presentations

  The poster panels are 95 cm wide. This corresponds to A0 size in vertical orientation. Please avoid using photocopies of papers or presentations consisting of a large number of pages with long texts.