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Invited Speakers

The following invited lectures and speakers have been confirmed for the XTOP 2010 Programme:

Tutorial lectures:

Dr Ray Barrett (ESRF, France), "Hard X-ray optics for Synchrotron Radiation Beamlines"

Dr Jose Baruchel (ESRF, France), "Phase contrast imaging with synchrotron radiation"

Professor Savo Bratos (University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France), "Visualizing atomic motions in liquids"

Dr Jürgen Härtwig  (ESRF, France), "X-ray diffraction topography - an evolving tool"

Professor Vaclav Holy (Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic), "High-resolution x-ray diffractometry"

Professor Sunil K Sinha (University of California, San Diego, USA), "Reflectivity and Off-Specular Grazing Incidence Scattering from Surfaces: Theory and Applications"

Professor Brian Tanner (Durham University, UK), "High Resolution X-ray Scattering: A General Probe for Very Different Length Scales"

Invited speakers:

Prof Vladimir Bushuev (Moscow State University, Russia) “Influence of Diffraction in Crystals on the Coherence Properties of X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Pulses”

Dr Blanka Detlefs (ESRF, France) "XSW in surface science: Imaging and multipole contributions"

Dr Vladimir Kaganer (Paul Drude Institute for Solid State Electronics, Germany) "X-ray diffraction peak profiles from misfit and threading dislocations in relaxed epitaxial films"

Prof Igor Kozhevnikov (A.V.Shubnikov Institute of Crystallography, Russia) "X-ray reflectometry of thin films: possibilities and perspectives"

Prof Atsushi Momose (Tokyo University, Japan) "X-ray Phase Imaging -A Coming Breakthrough-"

Dr Michelle Moram (Imperial College, England) "Current challenges in HRXRD studies of non-polar and semi-polar III-nitrides”

Prof Vasily Punegov (Komi Science Center, Russia) "Coherent and diffuse X-ray scattering from semiconductor structures with quantum dots"

Dr Irina Snigireva (ESRF, France) "Coherent X-ray Microscopy of Mesoscopic Photonic Crystals" Peter Zaumseil (IHP Microelectronics, Frankfurt, Germany) "X-ray characterization of Ge dots epitaxially grown on nano-structured Si islands on SOI substrates"